2016. február 22., hétfő

Absinthe and Cocaine

     I had a lover, who was walking among us, but never chose neither the Light nor the Darkness. We never chose any of them. We were living with all of the kindness and the cruelness of love, feeding on smiles and tears. We didn’t fear God, and never believed in the Devil. We have been strange creatures: holding, embracing each other. 
And he kept me on Fire, although he was colder than Ice.
And we touched the Heavens and the smoky grounds of Hell, and the passion was ours.
Although, he was dying and prepared to be reborn all over again, and he took me with him and gave me sweet and bitter tastes, to enjoy the difference, to enjoy the taste of being human...

We have been hiding in the shades sometimes, and biting bits of flesh out of each other, and then we danced through the sweetness of daylight, kissing lips and sweaty necks. I loved his loud laughs and when he sang thinking he was alone.
He was the Tempest, trembling on my eyelashes, while my thick blood was melting under his body heat.

Lick me SERPENT, with your rough, poisonous tongue; hurt me, I want to feel alive! Taste me, my raw, living meat; let me be yours until the end of the days! And stroke me with soft hands, and promise Love to me, and I`ll believe your words.

You`re walking Earth without light behind your eyes but with kindness in your moves, and you`re flying Darling, your wings are black, but royal. And sorcery is what is keeping you up. But the clouds above you are purple and red and pink, and the colours are giggling in my ears. Because I hear them Darling, your claws are holding me, and I`m as weightless as you are, flying with me.

We were never seeking Peace, just dirty passion in all of the Starving moments. And we bought temporary, tiny pieces of sinful souls from suspicious, old men standing at the corners of dark streets and lanes. But Peace found us anyway, and we never bothered with it. Peace has been there and War has been there, as long we needed sides.

All those drowsy eternities, days melted with nights, and your eyes were green in the mornings, as we pulled the curtains apart, and sunlight blinded us.
You never slept My Love and never been awake. You`re walking through nightmares, with your eyes wide open, and your eyelids will be rotten soon. But never mind, I`ll love you with all my passion and lust, and I`ll feed you with unforgettable views, I`ll bring the NIRVANA for you, Narcotic Dreams, and cuddle you `till you having me in your arms.

We are hunted and haunted, trying to survive, showing our sharp teeth just to feel the Drugs tomorrow.
Our bed is made of steel, and no one can fall in it like we do, pretending that it’s soft and silky, and clean. We know, that is full of stains of pure Love, ashes, and cold, cold blood. We know we have the long forgotten treasure of Gods and Goddesses, whom had their Souls written on it.