2018. április 13., péntek

Poem for Myself

You all should understand
That I enjoy my madness
Because its not a burden for me,
I am not helpless
I don't want help
I want to feel it!
There's nothing I can't
deal with,
I'm not crying for the next hit,
I'm crying for inspiration
There's no need for apathy,
We're in need for creation
I don't want anyone
to crave for
What I make,
Or more important:
How I make
You feel.
Or how I make you laugh,
cry, or kneel
Before me.
I don't want to feel okay,
I just want to be as I am
and always have been.
A huge mess, a lost soul
a dirty one, no clean
and organized,
Locked into the prison of sanity.
I want to be , LIKE to be mad,
Flying away from gravity
And soak in every feeling
and moment of madness.
Open myself, read me while
I'm running around headless
like a tortured bird
with songs in its beak
no-one ever heard.
I'm ready to show you
my songs
of misery and joy mixed up,
breaking out from my
poisoned lungs-
So loud, everyone should
cover their ears
Not to go mad with me.
I sang about dreams
And fears,
Drowning in the lake
of my own emotions.
Dying happily
for the Muses sake,
And for your entertainment
on this stage.
Don't heal me, its not worth it,
The payment is not enough
to buy a new life.
When the time comes,
I will pick up the knife
and I will kill the madness,
If its no longer use for me.
Until then, well we will see
what happens,
How much I will deliver
to you: My Dear Auditorium,
How I make you cry, laugh and shiver
When I leave this
Beloved Podium

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